2017/18 Music BC Travel Grants – Artist Application

Music BC Travel Grants - Artist Application

Read the full guidelines: MUSIC BC TRAVEL GRANTS - ARTIST

Download and complete the budget: MBC Travel Grant Budget - Artist

**Please note that we will notify all applicants of their status within 6-8 weeks of the grant deadline.


Contact Name*
Phone Number*
If company is applying on behalf of artist, company name
Company's BC Registration # (Required)
Artist's city of residence*


Type of Initiatve*
Please provide a brief summary of the initiative you are requesting funding for.*
Total number of shows*
If showcasing, name of event
Brief description of instrumentation for this initiative (ie: solo or 5 piece band. 10 words max)*
Complete Tour Schedule (pdf / max 5MB)*
Show Confirmations: min 5 for tour, and min 3 for Road-To Series (pdf / max 5MB)*
Marketing Plan (pdf / max 10MB)*


Album/EP/Single initiative is in support of*
Release Date*
Artist Website*
Live Performance Video Link (MUST be live, no music videos or highlight reels) *
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Bio (pdf / max 5MB)*
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Upload the Music BC Provided Budget Here (pdf / max 5MB)*
Total Amount Requested: Showcase Max = $2,000 / Tour-Domestic Max = $3,000 / Tour-International Max = $4,000 / Tour-Pacific Northwest US Max = $4,000 / Road-To Series Max = $20,000*
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By clicking here, the applicant certifies that all information provided in this application is true and correct. The applicant also acknowledges they have thoroughly reviewed the guidelines and application in its entirety before signing, and accepts all rules and guidelines as stated in the document.*