Music BC’s CMW Showcase 2016

by   on May 04, 2016

CMW2016 Poster WEBMusic BC will be returning to CMW 2016 for another must-see showcase at the Rivoli presented by The Georgia Straight! Now in its 33rd year, CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK is recognized as one of the premier entertainment events in North America focusing on the business of music. Friday, May 6th 8pm until late The Rivoli (334 Queen St W, Toronto) 9pm – Little India 10pm – Youngblood 11pm – Fine times 12pm – Van Damsel 1pm – Peregrine Falls 2am – The Sumner Brothers Click here for full list of all BC Artist Showcases Below!  


12718256_562147490618337_4724921464660152645_n Little India is a band consisting of three friends whose success unfolded unexpectedly after coming together to play music just two years ago. Their worldly influence is heard through unique hooks and samples, and can be credited to the combination of their South African and Canadian heritages with a strong British influence. In their short yet explosive career, their sound has been described as nostalgic rock with 80’s pop influences. Jon Siddall (CBC Music) explains it as “The Cure meets Talking Heads.” With the perfect harmony of funk rock and electronic sampling, their ever-changing sound keeps listeners on their toes and allows for experimentation in the character of each song, all the while keeping you dancing.


youryoungblood.com11164786_449556961869306_7971008959214872798_n Youngblood is the creative, dream-pop brainchild of Alexis Young. Inspired by the likes of French electronic duo Air, the fiery Grace Jones, and a little bit of sultry Nancy Sinatra, Youngblood manages to mix dreamy, marshmallow sounds laced with dark, pulsating grooves, crafting a unique blend of artistic pop.


finetimes.ca11933440_1027109187321969_5659740849459644456_n “I unabashedly love pop music,” explains Fine Times singer Matthew Moldowan. “I couldn’t consider doing anything else.” This, in a nutshell, explains the Vancouver duo’s reason for being. Longtime friends Moldowan and bassist Jeffrey Josiah Powell have been striving to achieve pop perfection throughout a decade of collaborations, working together in past projects before eventually founding Fine Times in 2010.

VAN DAMSEL It’s part of human nature – consistently striving to reach new plateaus and pinnacles in virtually any personal pursuit. And in addition to being a central lyrical theme in the debut LP from BC-based electro-pop outfit Van Damsel, it’s also critical to their creative union and, by extension, their eclectic sonic concoction.

PEREGRINE FALLS Gordon Grdina and Kenton Loewen tease out the heavy handed improv with sticks and guitar strings. Lacerating riffs curl out like black smoke, drums tumbling erratic like a head-on locomotive collision. Witness inspired expertise in form of mathy sludge.  

THE SUMNER BROTHERS Rex Manning Day - "it’s easy to see why The Sumner Brothers have been compared to the likes of Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, and even the almighty Man in Black (AKA Johnny Cash)" Sound Vat - "gritty and filled to the brim with blues" Vancouver Music Review - "a classic Canadian album " Ron's Alt-Country - "very beautiful" Good Noise Radio. Blogspot - "definitely a must" Blues Underground Network - "an immense amount of talent, Lyrically, Vocally, and Musically" "five stars" Beateroute BC - "lamenting sincerity", "striking appeal", "lovely and reassuring"


Altona Friday, May 06 • Painted Lady • 10pm Bdice TBA Bend Sinister Wednesday, May 04 • Comfort Zone • 10pm Friday, May 06 • Painted Lady • 2am Chersea Tuesday, May 03 • The Cave • 8pm Dark Stone TBA Fake Tears Thursday, May 05 • The Central • 10pm Fine Times Friday, May 06 • The Cave • 8pm Friday, May 06 • MUSIC BC SHOWCASEE • 11pm GOODWOOD ATOMS Thursday, May 05 • The Central • 11pm Hannah Epperson Wednesday, May 04 • The Mod Club • 8pm Hannah Georges Friday, May 05 • Horseshoe Tavern • 10pm HUMANS Saturday, May 07 •  The Mod Club • 12pm Joy District Wednesday, May 04 • Underground Garage • 10pm JPNSGRLS Friday, May 06 • Adelaide Hall • 11pm Kaylan Mackinnon Wednesday, May 04 • The Cave • 7pm KIDS Thursday, May 06 • Adeline Hall Kim Gray TBA Lindsay Kupser Wednesday, May 04 • C’est What • 9pm Little India Friday, May 06 • MUSIC BC SHOWCASE • 9pm Saturday, May 07 • The 300 Club • 10pm Lung Flower Thursday, May 05 • The Hideout • 11pm Matt Hoyles Thursday, May 05 • The Paddock • 12am Mike Edel Saturday, May 07• The Burdock • 1am No Sinner Friday, May 06 • The Garrison • 11pm One More Girl Saturday, May 07 • Boots & Bourbon Saloon • 9pm Ora Cogan Thursday, May 05 • C’est what • 9pm Peregrine Falls Friday, May 06 • MUSIC BC SHOWCASE • 1am Rococode Saturday, May 07 • Drake Underground • 9pm Sam Weber Saturday, May 07 • Burdock • 11pm San Felix Saturday, May 07 • The Hideout • 12am Shawn Hook Friday, May 06 • Grand Ballroom, Sheraton • 6:30pm Spaceport Union Friday, May 06 • Smiling Buddha • 9pm Summerring Thursday, May 05 • The Central • 12am Tegan & Sara Friday, May 06 • Grand Ballroom, Sheraton • 6:30pm The Deadset TBA The Faceplants Wednesday, May 04 • The Cave • 10pm The Statistics Tuesday, May 03 • The Central • 11pm Thursday, May 05 • Handlebar • 12am The Sumner Brothers Wednesday, May 04 • The Dakota Tavern • 12am Friday, May 06 • MUSIC BC SHOWCASE • 2am The Tourist Company Thursday, May 05 • Studio Bar • 9pm Saturday, May 07 • The Garrison • 1am The Vidos Friday, May 06 • Cherry Cola’s • 12am The Zolas Wednesday, May 04 • Pheonix Concert Theatre • 7pm This Side of Town Wednesday, May 04 • The Central • 12am Twin Peaks Tuesday, May 03 • The Dakota Tavern • 8pm Van Damsel Thursday, May 05 • The Cave • 9pm Friday, May 06 • MUSIC BC SHOWCASE • 12am Waingro Saturday, May 07 • Bovine Sex Club • 10pm White Lung Friday, May 06 • Velvet Underground • 1am Willa Saturday, May 07 • Drake Underground • 10pm Youngblood Friday, May 06 • MUSIC BC SHOWCASE • 10pm

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