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5400_mbm_fa_web_header1Music BC is excited to be teaming up with BreakOut West and it's partners (Alberta Music, SaskMusic, and Music Manitoba) to present the finest folk from western canada at this year's Folk Alliance International conference in Kansas City, MO. We will be featuring 12 BC artists in 2 BreakOut West private suites, in afternoon and late night showcases. Westin Crown Centre Plaza Govenor's Suite 530 and Senator's Suite 532. Showcases run 2:00-4:00pm and 10:30pm-3:00am FULL SCHEDULE CLICK HERE Also remember to stop by and see us at Exhibit Hall! divider1 BenRogers72 Ben Rogers Thursday 3:00pm – Govenors Suite 530 Thursday 7:00pm – Penn Valley* Friday 11:30pm – Senators Suite 532 Saturday 2:30am – Govenors Suite 530 “Out with the new, in with the old” is the mantra of folk singer Ben Rogers who American Roots UK proclaim could “turn out to be one of the best songwriters for a generation.” Influenced by the likes of Cormac McCarthy and Bob Dylan, Rogers is a true storyteller. His songs are filled with vivid images that tell timeless tales of murder, God, betrayal, war and the human condition through a voice of smoked damaged velvet soaked in Tennessee Whiskey. Website: EPK: Soundcloud: divider1 DavidNewberry72 David Newberry Thursday 3:00pm – Senators 532 David Newberry’s songs provide insight into the remarkably complex world we live in. Never sacraficing hopefulness for truth (or beauty for despair) he coaxes the listener into a conversation about life, art, and the magic of survival in challenging times. Armed with a sharp eye for detail and an ear for pushing the boundaries of what roots music “sounds like,” he has made a tangible impact across a number of musical communities. Operating in a genre that folks have started to call ‘Critical Canadiana,’ Newberry’s soon-to-be-released EP “Desire Lines,” is proving that he is capable of building on the momentum that he has earned through years of relentless touring, exhilirating recordings, and a steadfast commitment to song-craft as the foundation for his body of work. Website: EPK: Soundcloud: divider1 FishAndBird72 Fish & Bird Friday 3:00pm – Senators Suite 532 Fish & Bird’s latest album, Every Whisper is a Shout Across the Void, marks a major step forward for the young band. The project began in Victoria, BC in 2006 as an acoustic duo, comprised of Taylor Ashton (banjo, guitar, vocals) and Adam Iredale-Gray (fiddle). On their 2007 self titled debut, their take on ‘folk’ included original songs in odd time signatures and traditional murder ballads with rock beats. 2009′s Left Brain Blueswas a more mature exploration of the space between folk traditions and reckless creativity, with Ashton & Gray playing multiple instruments on each song, and toying with the formats that inspired them. Some of the friends they enlisted to help fill out the sound on the record and at live shows eventually became permanent members of the band, and now Fish & Bird are the five-piece indie-folk powerhouse we know today. They have weird vocal improv sections, they rock out in 11/8, sometimes it seems like they’re playing bluegrass, and they might make you cry. Website: EPK: divider1 GordonGrdina'sHaram72 Gordon Grdina’s Haram Friday 6:00pm – Washington Park Place 1* Saturday 12:30am – Govenors Suite 530 Haram was first formed in 2008 as a large ensemble vehicle to study and perform some of the Arabic repertoire that Gordon Grdina had been performing in small groups.The project combined differing elements of his musical life while acting as an experiment to see what his talented, creative friends in the world-renowned Vancouver creative music community would bring to this rich repertoire. Through improvisation and arrangement the band keeps alive the spirit and Tarab inherent within the compositions. These time-tested pieces are blown wide open by the ensemble mixing elements of noise, electronic soundscape, and western free improv. There isn’t a band around that can conjure up the same sense of respect and homage while being explosively self-expressive. Haram is a powerhouse ensemble playing a repertoire that has been revered by millions. Website: Soundcloud: divider1 JennyRitter72 Jenny Ritter Thursday 10:30pm – Govenors Suite 530 Friday 2:00pm – Senators Suite 532 Friday 6:45pm – Pershing South* Jenny Ritter’s songs are aimed straight at the heart. While Bright Mainland is technically her debut solo album, it represents the culmination of many years spent deeply involved in music. The songs come across like a reminder of the beautiful things in life. While definitely personal, it also paints a picture of the vibrant community Jenny is a part of. The songs are about the little things that make her tick; folk dancing , group singing, biking around Vancouver at night with friends, and the deep wisdom of fortune cookies – they reveal the magic in the real experiences of a versatile human living in the city. They are mercilessly catchy, and you’ll be glad to have these life affirming tunes rattling around your brain. Website: EPK: Bandcamp: divider1 LydiaHol72 Lydia Hol Thursday 2:00am – Senators Suite 532 Friday 1:30am – Senators Suite 532 Saturday 3:00pm – Govenors Suite 530 Boats is the debut EP from BC-based songstress and raconteur Lydia Hol, and like a decadent dark chocolate or rich rye whiskey, the six songs it entails benefit both sonically and lyrically from a perfect balance of bitter and sweet. This young poet, storyteller, and multi-instrumentalist has a dynamic yet delicate voice that’s instantly engaging; that draws you in like a smoking chimney on a crisp winter’s night. Website: Streaming: divider1 Qristina&QuinnBachand72 Qristina & Quinn Bachand Friday 8:00pm – Penn Valley* Friday 12:30am – Govenors Suite 530 Saturday 2:00pm- Govenors Suite 530 With deep Asturian and Breton roots, Canadian born Qristina and Quinn Bachand have quickly emerged at the top of the international Celtic music world. This powerhouse duo has a musical bond that only siblings can share. With a musical connection reminiscent of other Canadian family groups such as Leahy, The Barra MacNeils and The Rankins, audiences everywhere are quickly falling in love with Qristina and Quinn Bachand. The hottest Celtic Roots group to emerge from Canada’s west coast, Qristina and Quinn are versatile and sublimely gifted at creating music that is fresh, exciting and fun. They can make a simple tune take on new dimensions. This spirit and skill is showcased perfectly in their two critically acclaimed albums, ”Relative Minors” (2008) and ”Family” (2011). Website: EPK: Soundcloud: divider1 RollaOlak72 Rolla Olak Thursday 1:00am – Senators Suite 532 Friday 3:00pm – Govenors Suite 530 Saturday 1:30am – Senators Suite 532 Guitar and vocal melodies slap the basement walls and ricochet up on to East Hastings Street as Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Rolla Olak writes and records for his new album. Rolla transformed a shed in his backyard into a recording studio where he recorded “WESTERN HEART”, his 2nd solo album. In the quiet confines of the “Tone Shed”, the band played live as Rolla was inspired by great singer-songwriters such as Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Neil Young. The completed album features eight songs ranging from psychedelic country to classic ‘Crazy Horse’ bar-rock, including a spine-chilling duet with Canadian pop-songstress Louise Burns. Website: EPK: Soundcloud: divider1 ShredKelly72 Shred Kelly Thursday 6:00pm – Shawnee* Thursday 2:30am – Govenors Suite 530 Saturday 2:00pm – Senators Suite 530 Shred Kelly is a formulation of friends and foot stomping good times born in the East Kootenay’s of British Columbia. Hailing from the town of Fernie, the five piece band is best known for mixing clawhammer banjo riffs that tear the fabric of space and time with ambient synth, high voltage guitar, fierce drums, and hauntingly sweet vocal harmonies to produce a sound that has been properly coined “Stoke Folk”. Website: EPK: Soundcloud: divider1 SteveBrockley72 Steve Brockley Band Thursday 12:30am – Govenors Suite 530 Friday 2:30am – Govenors Suite 530 Saturday 3:00pm – Senators Suite 532 Saturday 9:30pm – Washington Park Place 3* Folk Music isn’t usually this greasy. The Steve Brockley Band can’t easily be defined by one sound or musical genre. Though it is apparent that the band is part of the tradition of folk music, they’re able to take the style in new directions without making the audience feel uprooted. The band draws varied comparisons in their music ranging from: J.J. Cale, Townes Van Zandt, Hank Williams, John Prine, Bob Dylan and The Band. Getting to the heart of a song is their main goal. Not just digging into the notes, but nailing those spaces in between the notes. When you’ve got a good song, you want to let it breathe. A percussive bass swagger, drum grooves from the gut, and a rolling finger picked guitar bring their brand of folk music to life. There’s no rush to the end of a song, the main thing is not to hurry – nothing good gets away. And that’s what the Steve Brockley Band does best. Website: EPK: Soundcloud: divider1 TheBills72 The Bills Thursday 7:00pm – Liberty* Thursday 11:30pm – Senators Suite 532 From the beautiful West Coast of Canada comes this extraordinary quintet, renowned among fans of all ages for their instrumental virtuosity, lush vocal arrangements, exuberant live performances, evocative songwriting, and a refreshing sound that transcends musical boundaries and defies simple categorization. Strings, bellows, keys, voices, skin and bows – these are the vehicles for the Bills’ unique sonic approach.  With individual band members sporting world-class credentials in folk/roots, jazz, classical and world music, The Bills truly are a Canadian acoustic music supergroup. Their latest release, Yes Please, features some of The Bills’ finest songwriting to date. The previous two albums, Let Em Run and All Day Every Day, each garnered JUNO nominations and various awards for outstanding roots recording. Website: EPK: Soundcloud: divider1 TheSweetLowdown72 The Sweet Lowdown Thursday 2:00pm – Senators Suite 532 Saturday 8:30pm – Washington Park Place 3* The Sweet Lowdown can take you anywhere you want to go, from a sunny front porch to the outer reaches of the universe. Blending original songwriting and three-part harmonies with an old-time instrumental groove, this award-winning acoustic roots trio from Victoria, B.C. creates a unique yet timeless sound that takes listeners on a pleasurable and memorable journey. Drawn together by mutual passion for old-time music, hard-driving bluegrass, sweet harmonies and well-wrought songs, The Sweet Lowdown (Amanda Blied-guitar, Shanti Bremer-banjo and Miriam Sonstenes-fiddle) pays homage to its musical roots while simultaneously breaking new ground. Each member contributes to the band’s original repertoire and each has a unique vocal flair as well as impressive instrumental chops. Website: EPK: Soundcloud: * indicates Official Performance Alley Folk Alliance Showcases

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