Music BC’s CMW Showcase 2014

by   on May 01, 2014

Music BC CMW AdMusic BC is excited to be returning to CMW for another year of showcasing some of BC's great emerging talent! This year's showcase will take place on Friday May 9th at The Rivoli. To get CMW wristbands, please click HERE. featuring: 8:30pm - David Morin 9:30pm - Chersea 10:30pm - the Lion the Bear the Fox 11:30pm - No Sinner 12:30pm - Good for Grapes 1:30pm - Jordan Klassen

_______________________________________________________ David Morin edit DAVID MORIN Whether you catch him beat-boxing on the street corners of Vancouver or performing in a venue, you're bound to be charmed by the many talents of David Morin. Morin portrays a unique fusion of soul, hip-hop and jazz. His voice is melodic and smooth as honey,  reminiscent in the sound and vibe of John Legend. His guitar virtuosos have a knack for making a solo performance sound like an entire band with riffs that bring to the mind the licks of blues and funk masters. On top of that his playful hints of disco and pop add retro flavour to a contemporary pop aesthetic that is as accessible as it is seductive. With the completion of his debut album produced by Victoria producer, Joby Baker, Morin is ready to set the stage for a successful year.  Website: | youtube _______________________________________________________ Chersea CHERSEA She writes her music at night and her lyrics transcend a nightmare and a dream. Her reality appears as the poignancies of her subconscious poetry, while promoting hopeful nostalgia in her musical resolve.   Chersea has an uncanny ability to arrange her vocals, melodies, and lyrics into a wall of sound, perfectly suited for and complimented by her Loopstation. By combining a multitude of percussive and melodic tools, she is able to conjure dream-like soundscapes and hypnotic worldly rhythms.   Her EP Grey Matter – set for release on April 19th 2014 – will be the inaugural presentation of Chersea’s material. She aims to inspire all listeners to dream big dreams through her live performance; showing how musicality, technology, and inspiration can make almost anything possible. Website: | youtube _______________________________________________________ the-lion-the-bear-the-fox  the LION the BEAR the FOX On tour over wine, campfires, nights in cheap hotel rooms and woodland cabins an unshakeable bond began to form between Christopher Arruda (The Lion), Cory Woodward (The Bear) and Ryan McMahon (The Fox). These three big voices began to support each other during shows and at the tour’s conclusion, they had a setlist worth of material. Something that had come together so naturally, so organically, simply had to be allowed to grow. And grow it has – in the eight months since the band’s inaugural show, the lion the bear the fox have set Western Canada on fire with their stomp rock. After securing a top 20 position in 102.7 The PEAK’s prestigious “PEAK Performance Project”, the band released their debut EP “We’d Be Good Men”  and went on to celebrate a sold out tour through BC and Alberta. The self-produced record is steeped in character with performances captured in bedrooms, hallways, board rooms and open-spaces across British Columbia.  Website: | youtube   _______________________________________________________ no sinner NO SINNER Colleen Rennison is a force of nature, a post modern soul belter, queen of rock and font woman of No Sinner. The Band is a hard-singing, hard-loving, hard-drinking, hard-working throwback to the legends they grew up listening to, including Nina Simone, Tina Turner, Rolling Stones and Diana Ross. Their music is about the clash between the sacred and the profane, the preacher and the devil, the sins of Saturday night at the local watering hole being washed away in the redemption of Sunday morning in church; in short, the very contradiction at the heart of rock ’n’ roll.  Website: | youtube   _______________________________________________________ Good for Grapes GOOD FOR GRAPES This original and talented six-piece group embodies an array of harmonizing voices and instruments. Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, this this indie-folk act has been gaining momentum over the past year including their placement in the top 20 of Vancouver’s highly coveted 102.7 The PEAK FM ‘PEAK Performance Project’. Their live stage performance has evolved into an incredibly active, foot stomping set fuelled with fire.  Website: | youtube   _______________________________________________________ Jordan Klassen JORDAN KLASSEN We are so excited to have Jordan back this year. After a fire and evacuation during his set last year, this must see performance was unfortunately cut short.  Klassen is a songwriter from Western Canada (Vancouver, Calgary) who quietly released an EP entitled Kindness in 2013. After steady increases in accolades, radio play and live crowds, Jordan’s new full length "Repentance" will make a lot more noise in this upcoming year. A resonate warmth carries Klassen’s crafted, literate lyrics through vivid images and stories. He juxtaposes a multi-textured simplicity with a trembling confidence and a fresh familiarity. Playful and wise, vast and intimate, Klassen travels from the jubilant to quiet intensity.  His songs fuse melody and poetry, stinging the imagination and summoning forgotten emotion. In short, Klassen is bound to set your heart ablaze.

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