TOURHUB: Canada’s Venues At Your Fingertips

by   on March 05, 2012


Music BC, along with the other Music Industry Associations which form the Canadian Council of Music Industry Associations, has spent much of the last year developing an innovative new tool that is set to revolutionize how bands plan and book tours in Canada. That tool is Tourhub.

Powered by the CCMIA and with funding from MROC (The Musicians’ Rights Organization Canada) and FACTOR (The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings), Tourhub is a web-based tool that allows up-and-coming artists and managers to take control of booking and managing their tours, while sharing venue and tour information with other Tourhub users. The goal of the CCMIA is to use Tourhub to foster community building and collaboration in the music industry in Canada, by creating a central hub for bands to input and access tour booking information. Sharing this information means artists won’t need to reinvent the wheel every time they tour to a new city. Instead, venue data and the previous tours of other artists will be easily accessible, and easy to build on.

Although bookings cannot be made directly through Tourhub, the interactive database will give artists the tools they need to find and contact venues in their desired cities. Once bookings are confirmed and tours made public, other artists will be able to see who is touring where and when, and collaborate on bookings and share shows. The CCMIA hopes that Tourhub will facilitate the continued growth of the already vibrant and cooperative music community in Canada.

Tourhub usernames and passwords are available to current Music BC members now. For more information please see the Tourhub page on our website.