Music BC stands in solidarity with communities of colour across BC and around the world who are standing up to the systemic injustice within our societies.

As advocates for artists, musicians and music professionals we affirm our commitment to the fair and equitable treatment, representation and prosperity for all peoples in our communities, our industry and indeed around the globe. We would like to acknowledge that our organization still has farther to go to achieve this mission, and will be reflecting on the meaningful actions we need to take to get there during this time.

We have started to compile resources for our music community to educate themselves on the continued discrimination we see and feel in Canada to this day. By learning and creating space for those who should be heard this week, we can all take a small step forward in making our country a more just and equitable place.



21 Days of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice

USC’s Diversity Toolkit: A Guide to Discussing Identity, Power and Privilege

Anti-Racism Project


Black Feminism & the Movement for Black Lives: Barbara Smith, Reina Gossett, Charlene Carruthers

Dismantling Racism Works Web Workbook

How to Help Like Artists and the Music Industry Are Doing in the Wake of George Floyd’s Death

How to Make this Moment the Turning Point for Real Change


Talking points — Effective Strategies for Confronting Racism in Conversation

“The Lens of Systemic Oppression” – National Equity Project


Black Lives Matter Canada

Black Lives Matter Vancouver


Read FACTOR’s statement on Diversity and Inclusion

The deaths of Black people around the world show us, again, that there is a lot to be done to support Black people and the Black community. Prejudice, racism, and injustice have no place in our industry nor in the communities we serve, yet they happen every day.

As supporters of the Canadian music industry, it is our responsibility to uphold the principles of diversity and inclusion within all of our programs and practices. FACTOR is committed to more conversation, more listening, and more action. We encourage all of our friends and colleagues in the industry to take action in line with these values, and stand together.

We invite everyone interested in our Diversity & Inclusion initiatives to check our site. It’s only the beginning of what we have done to promote a more inclusive music scene, a lot of work is still ahead of us.