What a year. 2020, the “Great Pause”, has reimagined our lives on so many levels, in so many different ways. For most, our way of life, our way of thinking, and our way of being has fundamentally changed. 

At a time of such immense uncertainty, two resonating truths come to mind: first, that we are resilient, adaptable and conscientious British Columbians, and second, that music has been, and continues to be, there for us all. We listen, we create, we participate in this ageless art form to process, to express, to understand, and so much more. Music transforms our daily lives, whether it’s your favourite song on the radio during morning traffic, an unforgettable festival where you found lifelong friends, or the respite of a hospital bedside healing session, it is the soundtrack to our lives. To us in the industry, it is our literal livelihood. So, as we celebrate our 30th year, we want to take this time to thank you, our community of creatives, for your production, development and promotion of this profoundly impactful, precious art.  

Whether you are in front or behind the scenes of our musical ecosystem, you have elevated our Province through music, events, and experiences that engage, inspire and endlessly entertain. You have reached global audiences, taking advantage of export initiatives, funding programs, and showcase opportunities to put BC on the global map as a talent centre and creative innovator. You have lobbied with us, presented our case to Governments and partners, all of whom now have a deeper understanding of the true value of our work. 

As a Board, we exist to support the Music BC team as they tirelessly champion our Province’s music creatives and professionals. Over the last thirty years, we have seen our organization adapt and evolve with the world around us. From the Peak Performance Project, to Canadian Songwriter Challenge, The Amplify BC Fund to How-To From Home and SoundON, every initiative has centered around elevating our industry as a whole. Every Board member, past and present, has proudly taken a seat to advocate for a thriving music scene. 

And though we can reflect on our progress, achievements and more, the most exciting of all is turning to our future, and recognizing the passion, power, and potential we have to move forward, stronger, together. 

While much of what we do remains behind the scenes, we wanted to take a moment during this milestone, to show our appreciation. What we do, as a Board, and as an organisation, is only possible thanks to every one of you, who show up, speak up, and support each cause. If there is anything we can take from the events of this year, it’s that our voices, collectively, are not so small. As creatives in a darkened world, your work to inspire and bring light is more necessary than ever. For that, we couldn’t possibly thank you enough. 

We will continue to stand for our community. We will continue to listen to the needs of our industry, advocate for more value, more connection, and more opportunities to grow. In celebration of thirty years of our beloved organisation, we would like to celebrate YOU.

Sincerely with celebration and gratitude,

Music BC board of Directors