LA Trade Mission

by   on January 19, 2012

Music BC is hitting the road...and taking your music with us! January 31st- February 3rd, 2012, we will be down in beautiful Los Angeles, CA promoting the music of our members to various film & television music supervisors, coordinators and production staff. Joining us will be 6 music companies from BC, as well as 3 artists, chosen by jury from a wide field of our member applicants. Music BC will be presenting private and public showcase events while in LA, in order to share the best BC has to offer in a live environment. Continue reading for more info on who's going and some of the events we have planned...

Participating Music Companies

Amelia Artists, Inc.

Based in Victoria BC, Nick Blasko is the co-­‐founder and managing director of Amelia Artists Inc. In addition to sharing management duties on principle clients Tegan and Sara and Buck 65, and helping develop newcomers Flash Lightnin' and Gold & Youth, Nick has spent the last decade promoting concerts via his boutique Island based firm, Atomique Productions Ltd, producers of Victoria's Rifflandia Festival. Represented by: Nick Blasko

Mint Records

In 1991, friends and campus radio enthusiasts Randy Iwata and Bill Baker founded Mint Records Inc., an indie label based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Their vision was to create a company that celebrated the all the fantastic talent they saw in Vancouver. Since its birth in 1991, Mint has put out over 130 releases by such artists as The Organ, Neko Case, The New Pornographers, cub, Lou Barlow, The Sadies, P:ano, The Buttless Chaps, Pansy Division, and The Smugglers, to name a few. With its international distribution and presence expanding every year, Mint Records Inc. is currently laying the groundwork for its future stars. Recent releases include The Pack a.d., Novillero, Kellarissa, The Awkward Stage, Duplex!, The Handsome Family, Vancougar, Young And Sexy, Immaculate Machine, Juno nominee Carolyn Mark, Hot Panda, and many more!
Represented by: Bill Baker, Director of Licensing/Artist & Legal Affairs Website

Secret Study

Secret Study is a project management agency based out of Vancouver, BC. We specialize in music management, licensing, and events with a focus on the independent arts community. Currently, Secret Study works with Shore 104.3 FM on all of their Canadian Content Development initiatives including a live music series, video and audio production. We also service a variety of production companies and businesses with their music needs and work directly with artists, representing their music for film, TV and advertising. Secret Study works as an artist management and licensing wing of Boompa Records. Successful placements have included Grey’s Anatomy, The L Word and campaigns by Zellers and RW&CO. Boompa is an internationally distributed record label based in Vancouver and co-owned by Scott Walker and Rob Calder. With over 40 records released, Boompa is a strong supporter of the indie music scene and has completed hundreds of artist grants on behalf of Canadian artists. Represented by: Rob Calder

Knuckleduster Music Inc.

Knuckleduster Music Inc. is a music production company owned and operated by Vancouver based producer, songwriter, and keyboardist, Georges Couling. Primarily, we provide artists and groups with high quality productions and recordings. We are well trusted for our vocal tuning skills which have landed us gigs tuning jingles for various Nissan, Kia, Chevrolet, and Honda dealerships. We have written and produced songs with hit songwriters such as Sean Hosein, Stef Lang, and Craig Smart. We currently represent a select number of the artists and groups that we work with on a regular basis. We will only represent artists and groups that we feel are well suited for placements in TV and film, and have a strong desire to succeed in the industry. Because of this exclusivity, we are very familiar with the catalogue of songs we represent, and we have built close relationships with the artists and groups on our roster. Our roster of artists is stylistically diverse comprising of everything from folk-rock (Portage and Main), to reggae (Elaine “Lilʼ Bit” Shepherd), to death metal (Abriosis), and afrobeat (Miami Device). This diversity helps to ensure we will have the right song for a wide range of uses in TV and film. Our new partnership with Hi Tower Music is providing us with direct access for placements of our artists and groups in upcoming high profile TV and film productions. Represented by: Georges Couling Website

Blue Heron

Through travels with his various projects and sitting on various juries including Canada Council Professional Musician juries, Stephen Franke learned a great deal about the Canadian music scene, grants, agents, publishers and exactly what mistakes not to make. After recording a few ‘Jon and Roy’ albums (and their subsequent catalogue and solo albums) Stephen entered into artist management, first managing ‘Jon and Roy’ and later taking the reins of ‘Current Swell’ and is now fully enjoying helping others from hitting the many potholes in the road. While managing, Stephen has raised over $200,000 in FACTOR grants for his acts alone over the last three years while advising others and has loosely been involved in publishing/syncs, having seen music he’s represented appear in over forty syncs including commercials (VW, Big Brother), feature films (A Year in Mourning, The Drifter), various MTV shows (The Buried Life, Teen Mom, Peak Season), HBO, NBC, OLN, online (firefox launch, Ralph Lauren, Bloomingdales) and a plethora of smaller indie and extreme sports films. Represented by: Stephen Franke

File Under Music

File Under: Music is an independent record label that was started in 2007 by business woman, Karen Hood. Hood initially started the label as a vehicle to contribute to the independent music community and to mentor independent musicians. Since its humble beginnings, File Under Music has driven the careers of many talented Canadian artists into the international spotlight. With the addition of Synchafile, File Under Music's ancillary music placement company, the label has grown from being a small home-based label to being a major contender in the independent music market. File Under Music are focusing their energy on one simple goal: developing talented, hard working artists and ensuring they have everything they need to make a go of it in the global marketplace. Represented by: Lisa Stewart, Co-Founder Website  

Participating Artists


Sometimes from bad luck or circumstance, amazing opportunities and transformations can arise. This is much the case for Maurice, a man, and a band, born and raised in Victoria BC Canada. From a major label signing, lofty expectations, and working closely with producer David Foster in Hollywood, to tumult and shattered dreams, out of a mishandled career path and naivety, Jean-Paul Maurice was able to pick up the pieces of a misdirected career path and take his music and art into his own hands. Jean-Paul Maurice grew up as a MuchMusic kid, highly influenced by visions of rock stars and melodic love songs. A turkey baster was his first pretend microphone. Family photographs show him holding a plastic guitar while wearing a pink bandana and his sister's heart shaped sunglasses, professing at the age of 2 he wanted to be a rock star when he grew up. In the fall of 2011, Maurice will release his second full length album, Songs In Sea. It showcases the monumental transformation of a sound. The album reflects and surmises the metaphoric irony which stands as a symbol for these recordings. The fluidity of the ocean and how it is always changing - the fluidity of music and how it is always evolving, the different emotions and stirring of life that emanates from the sea. This album was born from very different circumstances then its David Foster-steered predecessor. Although the music still possesses the innate pop sensibilities that are Maurice's calling card, It is entirely independently made and self produced, having been recorded in a cabin, a bedroom and a basement, a huge step away from high end studios of Hollywood, the result of which was Maurice's debut release Young People with Faces, produced by Matt Hyde and David Foster, released in the spring of 2010. Embarking upon another new chapter... this is Maurice. Website

The Belle Game

The Belle Game is a six-piece collection of vocals, guitars, brass, family and friends boasting a mixture of orchestral indie-pop and percussive art-rock. Since returning to their hometown of Vancouver B.C. after spending a year amidst the gurgling noise of the Montreal music scene, The Belle Game has spun their influences into an exciting live show, placing them on stages alongside the likes of Karkwa, Ohbijou, We Are The City, Hey Ocean! and Aidan Knight, as well as festival dates at SummerLive, Live Squamish and Rifflandia. On October 1st, The Belle Game released a new EP entitled Sleep to Grow. Representing a time spent in flux, the album’s soft, anthemic, whimsy sound was crafted with JC/DC Productions (New Pornographers, Tegan and Sara, Destroyer).
Sleep to Grow captures a bittersweet moment in The Bell Game’s lives. Friends and memories were being lost to new commitments and dedications. Being “young” dissolved in order to make way for their music. The songs on the new EP reflect the tension in this mixture of guilt and nostalgia. As Jeff Zablotny (friend/director of “Pink Carnations” music video) described, “ …Wasn’t it the greatest when we used to hang out and do nothing, and doesn’t it break your heart a bit that we can’t go back there?” The Belle Game are currently well into production on their first full-length, due for release in summer 2012 and have recently participated as a Top 20 Finalist in the 2011 PEAK Performance Project, an emerging artist program presented by 100.5 The PEAK. Website

Current Swell

Current Swell Current Swell began with humble roots, as friends playing in backyards, at parties, on couches, on beaches, and in any situation that allowed for guitars to be strummed casually. Finding their Kafka moment, they found themselves on stages playing to packed clubs, in vans, planes, at major festivals, and all over the world, headlining concerts and making music for new and old fans. Touring Canada, Australia and the USA, and playing shows with acts like Xavier Rudd, Bedouin Soundclash, K-OS, K'Naan, Ron Sexsmith and even the Beach Boys, opened them up to new and enthusiastic audiences. Appearances at Ottawa Bluesfest, the 2010 Olympics, Junofest, Rifflandia, Salmon Arm Roots and Blues, and headlining Canada Day for 40,000 people at the BC Legislature continued their momentum. But this did not happen overnight. In the strangest of places. No one was more surprised than the band when their lo-fi release “So I Say” became an underground classic among young people from all corners of the world. Scott Stanton of Current Swell remembers a story of when a friend on a surf trip in Bali, Indonesia, found a copy of the debut album in a hostel. Another story tells of the band stumbling across legions of web recordings made by Brazilian fans covering Swell songs, and even one group of keen fans doing their own version of the entire “Young and Able” video, with the scenes being re-shot in Brazil rather than Canada. Website

Other Artists Being Represented

Jets Overhead - (Amelia Artists, Inc.) Buck 65 - (Amelia Artists, Inc.) Gold & Youth - (Amelia Artists, Inc.) The Boom Booms - (Blue Heron) Jon and Roy - (Blue Heron) Elaine Lil'bit Shepherd - (Knuckleduster Music Inc.) Lions in the Street - (Knuckleduster Music Inc.) Portage & Main - (Knuckleduster Music Inc.) Hot Panda - (Mint Records) Carolyn Mark - (Mint Records) The Pack A.D. - (Mint Records) Zaac Pick - (Secret Study) Christopher Smith - (Secret Study) The Crackling - (File Under Music) David Vertesi - (File Under Music) Kathryn Calder - (File Under Music)  

Public Showcases

W Hotel Hollywood - January 31st, 2012, 8 pm, Station Bar  


Our members were offered the opportunity to submit music for our BC Music Compilation, which will be delivered to professionals in the Film & TV field on a variety of high-quality formats.   We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Department of Canadian Heritage (Canada Music Fund) and of Canada’s private radio broadcasters. We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of British Columbia.

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