Corporate Membership – 1 Year ($550.00 CAD)

Includes membership benefits for up to 5 individuals, and entry for an unlimited number of acts for all Music BC grants and opportunities. Ideal for companies, mangers, agencies, or labels with larger rosters and a high number of active staff members.

  • Bundle (up to 5 members)
  • Subscription period: 1 year
  • No automatically recurring payments. Must renew membership manually.
  • Member benefits for up to 5 individuals including 5 online profiles, event admissions and access to retail benefits/discounts.
  • Apply for an unlimited number of acts for grants and opportunities.
  • Added to our Corporate Member Page (includes logo, link and brief description about your company).
  • Opportunity for exclusive festival passes, panel passes, and other important online workshops.
  • Good for businesses that have gross revenues of more than $500k.
  • Price includes 5% GST.
  • All memberships are non-transferable.