Dear music industry colleagues,
As part of our commitment to develop, protect and safeguard a viable and healthy music industry and ecosystem throughout the province, Music BC together with Music Canada Live, Creative BC and The Province of BC, FACTOR, and the City of Vancouver will be conducting two industry studies this fall and winter. As members of the third largest music market in Canada, we ask for your engagement in this process to ensure that the relevant data collected is used to reach our common goal: a sustainable music industry.
There are two separate strategies, but they are linked to this common goal.

Strategy 1: Music Canada Live: Economic Impact Assessment of BC’s Live Music Sector.
This province-wide study, conducted by Music Canada Live, and facilitated by Nordicity, will focus on the live music sector, including the documentation of the sector’s activity, by profiling BC-based venues, festivals, and promoters. This will be done via an online survey, a series of interviews, and by collecting audience demographics and visitor spending patterns. This investigation will culminate in an analysis of the economic impact of live music in BC as it relates to the operation of live music companies, as well as tourism generated by live music in BC. It will also make key recommendations for developing growth through programs such as music tourism.
This study is made possible through support from Music Canada Live, Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia, The City of Vancouver, The Vancouver Economic Commission, Music Canada, This is Blueprint, Atomique Productions and Music BC and its members.

Strategy 2: City of Vancouver: Music Ecosystem Study
As part of the Vancouver Music City Initiative, a partnership between the City of Vancouver, Music BC and a working group of music industry professionals was formed (Steering Committee and Advisory Committee). This group was created to examine the Vancouver music ecosystem; analyzing strengths, weaknesses, and gaps that exist across the industry,
Vancouver’s infrastructure and its music community. From there, the study aims to create a strategy to help nurture and maintain a healthy music economy in Vancouver. The establishment and implementation of a strategy will increase the integration, awareness, and support of music by the City of Vancouver to allow music to thrive.
As a result, a music ecosystem audit and inventory, conducted by Sound Diplomacy, will assess Vancouver’s music ecology and its ability to develop musicians, business and other stakeholders, and will assess the music ecology in and around Vancouver determining its economic impact (both direct, indirect) and will identify strengths and weaknesses. This study will focus on but is not limited to the following:
Spaces & Places, Municipal Interaction, Music Tourism, Education, Audience Engagement, Artist Development, Industry Development and Sustainability. The study will also assess Vancouver’s diverse music communities across genre, ethnicity and sector, to recognize their impact and value across the city.
This study is made possible through the support from FACTOR, Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia, the City of Vancouver, Music BC and Secret Study.Both studies will provide an economic impact assessment and be used in tandem to further our shared goals and objectives in Vancouver and British Columbia.

How can you help?
Over the course of the next several months, stakeholders will be called upon to provide relevant data and information to help us formulate the studies. Many of you will also be asked to participate in an interview, and everyone will have the opportunity to reply to a single survey which will be circulated in the coming months, informing both studies. Please note that all information will remain private and confidential. Individual responses will only be viewed by the 3rd party firms Nordicity and Sound Diplomacy, and funder Creative BC in order to build an ongoing sector profile, and measure and tell the story of the growth of BC’s music industry.
The studies, including data in aggregate, will be made publicly available upon completion. Music BC would like to thank all of you in advance for your continued support. If you have any questions or require any other information, please feel free to contact Music BC or Music Canada Live.

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